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Fictional living dead journals

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Deadlogs is a livejournal community for everyone to use, posting is unmoderated and membership is unconditional, basically everyone is free to join.
Writers of zombie serials are welcome to post news, make announcements, discuss ideas or advice regarding every journal.
Also available for pooling creativity for zombieverse.

Updated 5/31/2005 by maninadeadworld: NEW!! We now have all of the deadlog users with their own deadlogs listed below. If you're interested, take a peek at their journals (just to be fair, they're all in alphabetical order).

Updated 7/3/2005 by maninadeadworld: I have added some new journals to the list. Check them out! And to those of you who haven't contacted me yet, or know of other writers here on LJ, have them email me and I'll get them added.

alpha_dog - Alpha_Dog's Journal - SLOW MOTION APOCALYPSE : # 1 K 9 - Callsign: Alpha Dog

area2topgun - Through my own eyes....... - The first hand account of Shauwn - Callsign: NightFox - Collaboration with The Major - Occasional Collaboration with The Marshal

azpossecommand - Life After Death - Not Dead Yet - Callsign: The Marshal - Occasional collaboration with The Major and NightFox

coded_anarchy - Black Silhouettes - What's that wheezing sound? - Callsign: Michael Herect - Collaboration with Dave Canter.

dapper_death - The Good and The Living - Villany Survives and Thrives - Callsign: The Artist

dealinthedeluge - Deal in the Deluge - Callsign: Jim Lee

deusexhumanus - Risen Paladin - The Unholy War - Callsign: Deus Ex Humanus

dozombiesdream - Do Zombies Dream? - Romance and Adventure in the Land of the Dead - Callsign: Doust19

fmjauthor - Bad Moon Rising - More info to come

ghastmeister - Ghouls Everywhere - A Tale Without Heroes - Callsign: Uruk-Hai

maninadeadworld - Man in a Dead World - The Beginning of the End of All Things To Come - Callsign: The Major - Occasional collaboration with The Marshal and NightFox

mysterious71 - Pain For Pleasure - Taking a Painfully Pleasant Journey... - Callsign: Perry

optim_pessi - Optimistic Pessimism - Adventures in a postmortem United States - Callsign: Edward Nonamous

scarecrowster - End Times - Judgement Day has come and gone - and none were fit to be saved - Callsign: Aaron & Matt King

sirtoga - The Adventure of Toga - The Kentucky Zombie Massacre - Callsign: Sirtoga

surreal_tom - Surviving In Sin City - Life after the plague - Callsign: Thomas Fadigan

thebluehand - Dead Land - Fear and Loathing in the Dead Lands - Callsign: Alex Morris

thecloudedroad - Cloudy, With a Chance of Death. - Callsign: Alex

themagestorm - Shattered Death - A view of death in the zombie world - Callsign: Magestorm Allgoode - Also writes newt_story.

zombiekilladave - Zombie Killin' Be My Forte - Callsign: Dave Canter - Collaboration with Michael Herect - Status: Deceased.

If I missed anybody (which I don't believe I did), please let me know and I'll make sure your journal is added above and credited. If you're a new writer and want your journal credited, please join the community and then email me (maninadeadworld@livejournal.com). I'll add you in as soon as possible. Enjoy and, as George A. Romero says, Stay Scared.